Hon. Minister of Tourism, Hamat Bah, can you do yourself a favour by making apologetic statements to the entire Gambia

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How dare you described a particular group of people rats?Mr. Hamat Bah, in Zoology, rat is a medium-sized rodent belonging to a genus Rattus.

But in English grammar, it is informal if it is used in depicting someone. Anything informal means that particular thing is not formal or ceremonious. It means not accord with usual regulations. Minister Hamat Bah, I Saikouba Ceesay thinks you definitely need someone to be enlightening your little primitive soul.

What do you mean calling an entire group of people Rat? Let me tell you, a rat when used in describing someone means a person who is known for betrayal. Even in the animal kingdom, it is a term indiscriminately applied to numerous members of several rodent families, example… voles and mice so why did you use the term Mr. Hamat Bah?….. Was it because you don’t know about it or was it just intentionally?

Am sure you don’t know but describing a group of people “Rats” means they are scoundrels which means worthless fellows, rascals, villains, people without honour or virtue.Mr. HAMAT BAH, the best person who can be called a rat is you yourself and if there is a second person to be called a rat, am sure you know him.

He is not far from you. That person has betrayed the entire Gambia by compromising our security, and is squeezing the last breaths out of our economy. Mr. Hamat Bah, Gambia’s Tourism Minister, the man you cherishes, the man you butterfly-kisses, the man you sleeps curved around like two spoons in a drawer. It is he who is evil, he who is sworn to destroy you, an emotional quisling of the first water. You will soon come to regret all what you are saying and doing. This me





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