Hon. OJ Jallow, Minister of Agriculture attends launching of Seedy

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Below is Seedy Ceesay’s Speech :

Good evening,
Minister of Interior Honourable Ebrima Mballow, our Chief Guest of honour; Minister of Agriculture Honourable Omar Jallow; Minister of Communication and Information Honourable Demba Ali Jawo; Ladies and Gentlemen.

It is a great pleasure to host you all today at the headquarters of Coastal Security Ltd for the launch of our new security company. I was merely supposed to give a short vote of thanks to all our distinguished guests for gracing this occasion with your presence. However, I believe it will be remiss of me not to give a brief history about Coastal Security Company Ltd, its beginnings; its aims and objectives as well as its corporate values. So please allow me to say a few words about our company.


History of Coastal Security Ltd
Coastal Security Limited was founded in 2017 by a well-trained and experienced former British Police Officer. The company was initially operating as a private Security Management and Commercial Investigation Specialist and the idea was to develop capacity and industry knowledge and to bring that experience and training, gained from seven years of specialist policing, into Corporate and Community safeguarding. One might say that there is nothing new about this transition and that will be true; in fact many in the security industry have successfully made this transition from statutory to corporate policing and investigation.
However what is unique about Coastal Security is that it was conceptualised with the aim of transplanting its operations to the Gambia with a view to providing an additional strategic layer of protection to private businesses and citizens as well as to vulnerable communities up and down the country. To complement the work of the statutory police authorities, who are mandated with the primary responsibility to provide protection and ensure a safe and secure environment, where all citizens can live and work with the full confidence and knowledge that their businesses and properties are safe from harm.
This aim became more urgent in view of the changing socioeconomic paradigm taking place in the Gambia as I speak; occasioned by the political transformation that followed the defeat of dictatorship in December 2016. As such today marks an important milestone in that transition and I am proud to inform you all that Coastal Security is here to contribute its experience, training and its rightful quota to ensuring that Gambia is a safe and peaceful place to do business and to seek leisure.


Our Core Values
Coastal Security Ltd is passionate about security and our core values as a company is to consistently deliver the highest quality security services to all of our clients, bringing innovative ideas and strategies to ensure safety and protection. We are determined to provide leadership in the security industry and to other sectors of our economy and society.
We will constantly ensure the success of our business through the commitment of our employees; motivated by continuous development of a committed and ambitious workforce through effective leadership training, incentives and respect. It is our continuing priority therefore to maintain and improve our quality of service delivery and our commitment to responsive tailor-made professional services. We guarantee that all Coastal Security Ltd employees’ primary focus, is our customers’ satisfaction and value for money.

Demonstrating our relentless work ethic, our passion for doing a good job, and our determination to continuously look for new and creative ways of delivering our services, is what sets us apart from our competitors, regardless of the size or complexity of the contract.
Corporate Social Responsibility


In business, as in many other fields, a solid financial performance is closely connected to responsible business practices. We believe therefore that companies that understand and address the impact of business on society, as well as the environment will be future corporate leaders in this industry. This is why Coastal Security Ltd is committed to making business decisions that address ethical, social and environmental concerns of the wider community we serve.

In the Community

As an organisation, Coastal Security Ltd recognises the importance of investing in the local communities in which we work. We are keen to encourage community cohesion by supporting the employment of local community residents and of young people through schemes such as apprenticeships, internships and work experience. We are also committed to supporting initiatives that benefit the local community and the communities of our clients through sponsorship, participating in charitable events and causes and being involved in our clients’ corporate initiatives and security requirements.
As we strive to create an institution and not merely a private security business that is motivated primarily by bottom-line figures, we look forward to engaging constructively with the public and private sectors as well as the community at large. And we at Coastal Security are confident that we will find in the government and private businesses, willing partners in the development of a strategic national safeguarding framework that will benefit all citizens.

In conclusion, a generous note of thanks therefore goes to all those who are present here today. You have been a source of strength through your prayer, your support and your help over the development phase of this project. For this we remain ever grateful to you.

Let me reiterate on behalf of the management and staff of Coastal Security Ltd, our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our Guest of Honour, Honourable Ebrima Mballow and all the cabinet ministers and distinguished guests, who have given up their busy schedules to graced this occasion with their presence today.

Finally, let me place on record, my profound gratitude to my family and friends for their continued guidance and counsel encouragement throughout the development of this worthwhile venture. A special thanks to my brother and friend, Pa Njie Girigara and my niece Fatou Touray the MC for tonight’s launch; for your continued support and encouragement in this endeavour.
To one and to all, please accept my deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you very much.

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