How Ordinary Gambians Face Daily Economic Challenges

Mamos Media

Muhammed L. Bojang

As the world faces a battle to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global economy also faces a daunting task, with businesses collapsing and so many jobs being lost, and ordinary Gambians are being affected on a daily basis by those financial challenges.

With the prices of basic food commodities hiking on a daily basis, affecting the livelihood of many Gambians, Mamos Media went into the Brikama Market on Friday to find out the impact this situation has on ordinary Gambians.

Ejatou Jallow, a retail shopkeeper said she is surprised with the recent sudden rise in the prices of the basic food commodities. “It surprises me how the prices escalated and I don’t know whether the problem is on the side of the government or the wholesalers but it is affecting us the small businesses as the prices change from morning to evening which is never good for business,” she remarked.

Dembo Sanyang, a Brikama resident, blamed the government for the situation. He said the lack of price control is responsible for the price hike and that most of those selling in our markets are foreigners who do not care about the welfare of Gambians as they only want to maximise their profits at all costs.

“I have a naming ceremony this weekend but it is very tough as the prices of the food commodities are unimaginable, and every day the prices are escalating at a very high rate. I bought a 50-kilogram bag of American broken rice for D1250, 25 kilos of onions at D600, 20 litres of cooking oil at D1350, and 50 kilos of sugar at D1350, which was not the prices last week when I came to the market to ask for the price. The government needs to do something about the situation,” he said. 

Modou Jallow, a shopkeeper said “I have no idea how the prices rise so frequently. Since last month, the prices of the food commodities go up every week but now it is out of control and it surprises me. The problem is from the wholesalers in Banjul as every Monday we go there to take our supplies but at a different price every week.”

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