I Like Prince Harry for being an Iconoclast. And I hope not to get killed like Princess Diana

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Alagi Yorro Jallow.
Fatoumatta: Throughout the interview, Harry and Meghan, who is charming, intelligent, and good at being celebrities, make the monarchy look like an archaic and endemically racist institution that has no place in the modern world. Well duh. Moreover, despite all the outrage you might read in the UK tabloids right now, they also did something else that renders everything else irrelevant: they officially launched themselves in the United States.
Fatoumatta: Some of us are judgmental over Prince Harry/ Meghan Markle’s face-off with the palace. However, even in our clime, many people face similar situations because you married out of your ethnic conclave, and your in-laws reluctantly accept your wife/husband.
I love Prince Harry because l love iconoclasts, where they won over to their beliefs and opinions. Even in my family in the village and right from when l was in primary school and high school in the Greater Banjul area, l always acted differently from my siblings. If others were going one way, l would go the other way. While growing up, l was the one that would challenge our father over specific actions. Even up to the career I pursue, l was the only one in the family who was a Gainako and would engage in appropriate adventurous risky play and high-risk behavior in my youth. I just started trying to be softer become less adventurous just a few years ago. My outlook in life is different. I usually break all stereotypes. Even my family, I, and my wife are different in ethnicity, from different cultures, and faith.
Fatoumatta: So, it is within that lens that l view Prince Harry. He did not ask to be born into a royal house. However, his individuality has come to the fore, instead of his brother. Look at the running battle Archbishop Duncan Williams, a prominent Ghanaian pastor, has been having with his son. The latter chose to be a secular musician. So, for Harry to decide to leave the palace, he must have weighed the consequences, and they should let him be and respect his decision, particularly against the background of the circumstances leading to her mothers’ death. It is speculated that the palace murdered her because of her dalliance with Dodi Fayed, an Egyptian and that the palace did not want an Egyptian offspring. However, l hope that Harry and Meghan do not get killed like Diana.

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