‘I want to see Banjul restore to rightful position’ – Lizzie Eunson

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Lizzie also known as Elizabeth Eunson is a Gambian, born and bred in Banjul, Dingareh to be specific.  Educated in the Gambia, United Kingdom and the United States of America where I completed my University degrees in Public Administration and Legal Support Sciences.

I’m a daughter to Edward W. Eunson commonly known as Master Eunson of Hagan Street and Mrs Therese Desiree Eunson former headmistress of St Josephs both of blessed memory. Granddaughter to Magigain Njie from the Njie, Ndow, Saloum Saloum dynasty. On the maternal side granddaughter to Sini Ndong of the Ndong Serer lineage tracing back to Burr ba Salmon Faye and Charlo Bass from the Yandeh Nyinga , Mbenga, Manjang Kebbeh, Marie Bona Sarr families I’m a happy mother to two beautiful children: Desiree and Edward and to my niece Rose Yandeh and a host of others whom I have assumed maternal oversight over.                                                                                                                                             I am a seasoned multilingual international Banker having gained rich invaluable experiences in a wide range of roles covering retail and commercial banking, staff training, administration, financial management and lately operational risk. I am a dynamic leader who is proven to have sound integrity and an impeccable consistent work track record. This has earned me an excellent reputation in both national and international business circles. This has availed me the opportunity to work in a professional capacity in the following countries: Gambia, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia,  Sierra Leone,  Ivory Coast amongst others where I’d been tasked with ensuring that the levels of operational risk exposures, balancing growth with risk are being adhered to.                                                                                                                                                As an international Business banker in the West I have managed Fortune 500 companies tiering in high dividends. l  also have pedagogical skills having started my career as a teaching assistant at the Gambia High school right after graduating from High School. In my spare time I play an active role in community based activities, women, children and family empowerment initiatives and the organizing of various hospital charity events. I have represented Standard Chartered bank on the boards of the Global fund for Aids, Commonwealth Education Fund, RVTH/ EFSTH,  and various UNDP Fora. I’m the founder of ‘ MASS ‘ Mothers Against Sickness and Suffering a group of women aimed at assisting mothers with sick children especially that of hydrocephalus a devastating illness one I call a ‘feminized illness’  as it has dire consequences on mothers and siblings. 

What motivated you to run for mayor of Banjul?

‘ DAFA DOYE ‘ I want to effect the long awaited positive change that YOU, Banjulians and Gambians for that matter are waiting for. ‘ Bouga Suma Dayka’  is my motivation and wanting to see my city restored to its rightful place. I have the wherewithal to be the next Mayor of Banjul. Mediocrity is no longer an option for the leadership of a capital city in the 21st century! I want to raise the dignity of the office of the Mayor of Banjul. I am resolved that I, Lizzie Eunson want to be part of the solution and not the problem. We cannot all be outside looking in saying ‘ndeysaan Banjul’ and complaining.  No one talks about Banjul anymore with enthusiasm; we need a new leadership and a new direction; that is my motivation. People are tired of the status quo that keeps electing the same types over and over. Banjulians have told me that they want a regime change.

 What can Banjul expect from you?

Effective leadership and vision; the prerequisite for a good leader. Positive change. I am the unifying candidate that stands for what is right about Banjul. We. You and I. Together,  we look forward to working towards the revival of Banjul City and all what it entails vis a vis the environment, health , education, trade, infrastructural developments, women, youth,  cultural / social revival, gainful employment, and all that can be good for Banjul. I want to see good zoning laws, I want to see a Banjul that cares for its elderly population and cares even more to go further and make sure that its physically challenged (differently abled ) are given the right considerations. In due course there will be more dilation on the expectations.                         

Banjul will be rebranded, repositioned and marketed as you would a product. It will be managed also as you would a project with owners, actions points, and closure dates. What gets monitored and tracked shows results. There will be effective monitoring and tracking mechanisms put in place and a comprehensive plan instituted that all future incoming Mayors can work with as it would have been tabled, tested and owned by the people themselves. I’m not a politician, I’m coming in to use my relevant experiences and passion to deliver , set the right foundation stones in place with the assistance of all good willed Teams both here and in the diaspora, then move on.

Final words

Nation before politics. The future of Africa, Gambia included does not lie in political parties. It lies with dedicated individuals with a vision ready to create a platform and opportunities in which public, private partnerships can strive with only necessary governmental interventions. We refuse to put square pegs in round holes. It’s time we start voting in people that are willing, ready, and able to deliver. Banjulians are smart and cannot be fooled. Banjul is not for sale; we refuse to have our cards bought.                                                                           WE say NO to dirty party politics. Vet the candidates and the motives of those around them. Do thorough background checks as the winning candidate will be representing YOU, both nationally and internationally. Whoever wins will be the face of Banjul and Gambia by extension.  What kind of picture do you want out there? Listen to what each candidate has to conceptualize and how it is being articulated.                                                                               This time around more so that ever Gambia and Banjul is at a crossroads and the future of our city is at stake. Let’s seize the moment, I don’t for one minute think that since Mandela, no other African country has had such goodwill extended to them by the international community as that which Gambia is currently enjoying.                                                Together we can make Banjul the capital city it deserves to be because the Strength of a Country lies in its Capital City.                                                                             BANJUL BELONGS TO EVERYBODY. It is not just the capital; it is the FOUNDATION of the engine that propelled our nation into the 21sth century. Thus, bringing it back to standard is a SACRED OBLIGATION for every Gambian.

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Source; The Point Newspaper

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