“I was arrested by NIA Officer Musa Kinteh”- Witness Tells TRRC

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By Ousman A Marong & Sheriff Saidykhan

Mumini Baldeh, a victim of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) now Security Intelligence Services (SIS) has told the Truth Commission that he was arrested by NIA officer called Musa Kinteh.

“I was arrested by Musa Kinteh, an officer from the NIA at about 10-11 AM at night. Musa together with four unidentified officers who were on masks arrested me and drove me to the Kotu police station. Upon arrival at the station a search was conducted on me where I was put in the cell. At the time of conducting the search on me they found D1500 in my pocket which they took and handover to the station officer S/O,” Mumine Baldeh said.

Baldeh  41, has made these revelations while testifying before the TRRC on Tuesday at Dunes Hotel in Kololi.

According to the witness, he begged the officers on duty to show mercy on him by taking D300 out of his D1500 to buy dinner.

“I again asked them to take D200 out of the said money and use it on their own to allow me not to spend the night oitside the cell but they refused,” said the witness. 

At The NIA Headquarters:

The witness recalls his encounter with an NIA Officer Edrisa Jobe alias Alagie Morr asking him if he knew Assan Bah which he answered in the negative. He said then Alagie Morr told him that if he did not speak the truth they would deal with him.

“He hit me on my face 3 times and Samba Gagaga too started hitting me on two occasions,” he said.

The witness said he was asked to undress which I did and they put basalt stones on the tile floor on the orders of Edrisa Jobe alias Alagie Morr who asked Lamin Darboe to bring the basalt.

“I was made to kneel on the basalt stones and was hit with a wire by Lamin Darboe and Musa Kinteh. They told me aren’t you going to talk? All my knees were bruise due to kneeling on the basalt,” he lamented.

He further alleged that he was not given any medical treatment not even paracetamol.

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