“I was arrested in connection to the Freedom Newspaper Saga”- Witness Tells TRRC

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Lamin Bojang, a victim of the defunct National Intelligence Agency NIA has told the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC) that he was arrested in connection to the Freedom Newspaper publication.

“I was accused of given information to the Freedom Newspaper about the APRC Party and was asked to report to Farafenni police station where I recognised the police officer who came to arrest me. I recognised him because he did his schooling in ‘Banyaka’ village where I lived. He apologised that the arrest was not his own volition but was following instructions,” Lamin Bojang stated.

According to him, a serious search was conducted at his house in Farafenni but fortunately, the police could not find any evidence.

“We were later transported to the police headquarters in Banjul where I was told my arrest has something to do with the Freedom Newspaper publication. I was asked if I knew anything about Freedom Newspaper and I said yes! I told them that I am a subscriber and I do browse the website. I was again asked if I knew Pa Ndary Mbai in person and I said no! I was then asked to write my statement which I did and signed,” said Lamin Bojang.

The witness claimed after he spent a day at the police headquarters in Banjul, was transferred to the defunct National intelligence Agency (NIA) now Security Intelligence Services (SIS). He was put in a cell call ‘invest’ with little or no food for a day. He mentioned the names of journalists Malick Mboob, Lamin Cham, Pa Modou Faal, Musa Sheriff, and Lamin Drammeh, Cherno Camara and one Haddy Darboe the people detained at the NIA.

“Kuta Baldeh, a NIA officer has threatened to kill me and buried me under a nearby banana tree,” he remarked.

He said his reaction to the threat was furious but was calmed down by the co-detainees.

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