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I Was Forced To Implicate Lang Tombong, Says Former NIA Boss

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By Ousman A Marong

The former Director General (DG) of the defunct National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Lamin Bo Baaji, has told the Truth Commission that he was forced to implicate the former Army CDS, Lang Tombong Tamba in the 2006 foiled coup.

“Sukuta Jammeh forced me to implicate Lang Tombong Tamba. I am with the believe that Lang Tombong Tamba was not part of the 2006 foiled coup. Sukuta Jammeh told me he was informed by MA Bah that I was in close contact with him (MA Bah) before the coup. I told him that was not true; what is certain was that MA Bah delivered a message to someone that he wanted to talk to me,” Lamin Bo Baaji said.

According to him Sukuta Jammeh’s main intention was to trouble Lang Tombong Tamba by implicating him to be part of the 2006 foiled coup. He made these revelations to the TRRC at Dunes Hotel in Kololi.

“Upon arrival at the NIA a plastic bag was tied over my face down to my neck and they (the interrogators) switched-off the light. I was been beaten for more than 20 minutes on my back while I was handcuffed. The questions they were asking me was Lang not planning a coup. Were you not planning a coup with Lang Tombong Tamba? They (the panelists) informed me that they had received information that we have trained people and we have people coming from Guinea Bissau to assist us. Amongst the panelists a guy lit his cigarette and smoke it up to the finishing point to have its butt off on my body,” he alleged.

He said the interrogators further informed him that they have intercepted the ship together with the weapons said to belong to them (alleged coupist).

Baaji who later became a victim of same Institution he headed said the interrogators wanted to use him as their human guinea peaks of the 2006 foiled coup but he refused to be use.

The witness further informed the Commission that Solo Bojang gave the order to the junglers’ to have them executed.

“We (the prisoners) overhead the junglers saying that they were going to execute us but their only worry was where to bury our bodies after executing us,” he stated.

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