‘I will reduce unnecessary gov’t debt, create income’- Kurang

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Alhagie Mamadi Kurang, an independent presidential candidate of the Gambia Youth for Change Party has promised to reduce unnecessary government expenditure to combat the country’s debt and also create income for the country.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with MAMOS Media on Wednesday, Kurang said the country has a debt burden of 77.4 billion dalasis. He added that debt had been a problem in the country for many years, noting that, the factors which cause increasing debt burden need to be critically looked at.

Kurang added that “if you continue spending more than what you are earning, you will continue borrowing more money from other countries.”

The accountant specialist said debts can only be controlled if expenditures are controlled, adding that national debts cannot be controlled if the politicians are living lavish lifestyles with money not coming from their salaries.

“My government will reduce all unnecessary expenses to combat the national debt and lay a better foundation for the future,” he further said.

He said the government must find ways in reducing unnecessary expenses that do not benefit the population and bring in projects that will increase the country’s income. According to him, to reduce these unnecessary expenses, “we must look at the fuel we use, number of cars as well as traveling and allowances.”

He went on to say that there must be alternative strategies of raising revenue.

“You have to be creative with taxation so that you can attract foreign investors to bring more income and make profits on the investment that they are engaged in to help the budget be more balanced,” he said.

“I am the only candidate trained and qualified in accounting, economics, management, taxation, finance, marketing and technology systems and as such I know how to fix the economy and make things work,” he said.

“I am the most qualified candidate because I am the only trained ACCA Chartered Accountant and the only one who knows how to stop corruption,” he claimed.


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