IGP KINTEH TAKE NOTE! Political Interference in the Security Sector Should Not be Allowed

Mamos Media

By Assan Sallah

Reports coming from reliable sources indicate that some security officers in the police were transferred and they are trying to lobby to stay in their current positions.

Impeccable sources within the Office of the Vice President and the Civil Service have hinted that some police officers (names withheld) were transferred but they refused to comply.

According to our sources, these officers are using their close relatives within the system to lobby for the cancellation of their transfer.

Such practice should now be a thing of the past. It used to happen during the former regime but it must not be entertained in a New Gambia where democracy, freedom and quality service delivery should be the order of the day.

IGP Landing Kinteh must understand that service is service and one must obey and complain. If he takes any decision in the best interest of the force, it must not be compromised in any way. After all, everyone is working towards serving the nation and to contribute immensely towards the development of the country.

We hope that this issue will be taken seriously and addressed without delay in the interest of the nation.

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