IGP Says Police Is Not Targeting Anyone

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

The Inspector General of The Gambia Police Service, Alhagi Mamour Jobe, has said that the police are not targeting anyone.

“As Inspector General, I have listened to your voices of wisdom and your concerns. The last few days of your engagement with my office has added great value to the scope of our work. It has also served as a great source of inspiration to strengthen our collaboration with the Civil Society fraternity to enhance effective policing in The Gambia,” IGP Mamour Jobe said.

The Police Chief has made these revelations earlier today at the National Human Rights Center NHRC where he was summoned to go and answer. He hailed the NHRC in their timely intervention, saying the Gambia Police Service under his leadership appreciate the NHRC’s efforts.

“Mr. Chairman, maintaining law and order involves a delicate balancing act. In the process of doing our job, certain things happened which can be seen as controversial. I want to assure you however, that the police are not targeting anyone. We have come to this meeting with an open mind, ready to listen and to engage to strike a compromising for the best interest of the country,” he remarked.

He said the Gambia belongs to all of citizens and they (the police) are doing their job to ensure peace and order in the country.

“Mr. Chairman, in the spirit of national unity and in recognition of your tremendous efforts in striking a compromise in this saga, I am happy to announce that as Inspector General of The Gambia Police, we are dropping all charges against Mr. Madi Jobarteh as of today. No other action will be taken against him as far as this case is concern,” he concluded.

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