‘I’ll become president but never a director for another president’- Kandeh

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Mamma Kandeh, party leader for the Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) on Saturday during a mega rally witnessed by thousands of supporters at Guigi Village in Busumbala constituency, West Coast Region assured his people and the Gambian populace that he will become president but never a director for another president.

“I will defend the interest of my country to the last second. Being a director and being a president are far different from each other,” he said.

According to him, “President Barrow said Senegalese President Macky Sall is his boss which was a very disappointing statement because Gambians voted for a president to lead them and not a director or a governor.”

“I cannot understand how on earth a president of a sovereign country can call a president of another country his boss. Lawmakers should have impeached him that very day for making such an embarrassing statement because if he addresses another president his boss then who is he,” Kandeh questioned.

The GDC leader said President Barrow failed the Gambia and Gambians.

“I did not institute a political party for my personal interest and if there is anyone following me not for the interest of the country, then that person should leave my party because I cannot do with such a person,” Kandeh stated.

Kandeh further said that Barrow’s government failed when it allowed Senegalese security forces to enter Gambia’s territory and kill a Gambian in his house with seven bullets.

“The checkpoint in Bwiam is another example as lots of Gambian vehicles carrying timbers are stopped, offloaded and at times the drivers or owners of the timbers assaulted which is not part of the ECOMIG mandate. The ECOWAS did not fail the Gambia neither Senegal but our own government,” he added.

“Haruna Jatta was killed in Kanilai but until to date the government has not said anything about it which is not the ECOMIG’s fault but our government’s. I am ready to peacefully work with Senegal when I become president,” he noted.

He assured Gambians that the very day GDC assumes office would be the day the Gambia will become a successful country after decades of independence. He said they will make tremendous changes on security, livelihood, hospitals, agriculture, education and other sectors.


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