In Sierra Leone – police shot man dead in a private land dispute

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Just when you think that the ink is about to dry on the latest report by the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone into police brutality at a student demonstration in Freetown last Monday, where heavily armed police officers fired shots at protesting students and stripped a female student before she was arrested, a young man was shot dead by armed police in Hastings yesterday in a private land dispute.

According to the video below – it appears the young man was shot dead at least twice, over the use of a mobile phone.

The government has proposed a legislation called Cybercrime law which critics say will curtail citizens’ rights to use their mobile phone to record and share their experiences, as well as impinge on their civil liberty.

But as questions are being asked once again about the highhandedness of the police and the fatal use of guns at every opportunity, there are calls for the Inspector General of Police to be sacked.

Source Sierra Leone Telegraph.

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