Independent aspirant candidate calls for one term presidency

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

Bankole Yao Jojo Ahadzie alias Banky, an independent aspirant Presidential candidate for the December 4th elections has calls for a one-term presidency in the country.

According to him, his intention is to rule the country for only one term, if elected as president.

He stated that the reason African leaders should rule for only one term (5 years) is because once they stay in power beyond one term they no long work for citizens but themselves.

Banky made these remarks at a press conference held at Badala Park Hotel on Friday to unveil his intention to run as an independent presidential candidate.

He noted that part is his manifesto advocates for free education, one term presidency, creating good jobs with decent salaries, development by ‘us for us’, and the investment of 1 billion fund in sports.

The political newcomer added that he is committed to bring development into the country to curb the worrying youth unemployment.

He said youth of the country has for years been segregated by powers that be resulting to them embarking on the perilous journey locally dubbed ‘back-way.’

“A lot of youth have given up on the system with going through the backway their only option. Young people want change but do not see anybody to identify themselves with. We are the ones to change that narrative,” he said.

He decries the country’s dependency aid syndrome, adding that his administration would champion locally made produce to support the economic growth of the country.

When quizzed on cannabis legalization, he said: “I support its legalization.”


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