Insurance body trains officials on leadership skills

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Insurance Association of The Gambia (IAG) on Wednesday commenced an intensive three days training of its members on leadership skills development for insurance companies’ branch managers at the West Africa Insurance Institute in Kololi.

The training was aimed at exposing participants to acquire effective management skills to run their business.

Makaireh Badjan, President of the Insurance Association of The Gambia said the only way the industry can get prepared and be ready for the future is through capacity building. He added: “leaders need to understand and know that it is a big responsibility to be a leader. The challenges of the world today are nothing but bad leadership. So, the training will assist and equip (participants) to be better people and leaders.”

Molifa Sanneh, Secretary General of IAG stated that the theme for the training was leadership skills development for insurance branch managers. He said it is mandatory for the association to organize trainings for the industry staff at least once a year.

Sanneh noted that the training will provide company managers with marketing strategies that will assist them to market their products at their branches.

Pa Alieu Sillah, Commissioner of Insurance highlighted that, insurance companies should provide training for their agents and staff for an effective marketing of their products. He described the training’s subject matter as both relevant and timely, saying good leadership is generally accepted as a critical factor in all human endeavors.

According to him, the Covid 19 pandemic continues to disturb the global economy, noting that least developed countries such as the Gambia continue to struggle to meet the pre-pandemic level of growth.

“Under these circumstance we need leadership to drive our economy to minimum growth levels, for sustainable development requires good leadership,” he added.

Sillah stated that insurance branches need to be professionally equipped with the necessary industry education and information to avoid instances of malpractices such as rate cutting.


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