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By Assan Sallah

The Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM) has recently licensed and admitted Dr. Assan Jallow as a certified and Chartered Economist (ChE). He is the first Gambian to have received such a distinguished award, as he is equally licenced with the title and rights as a Fellow Member of the Global Academy of Finance and Management (FMGFAM). The GAFM International Board of Standards is ISO 9001 certified for quality assurance and has the highest standards of credentialing. It is the leading and first certification body in the world to offer certification eligibility to students and faculty of double-accredited business school where ACBSP has been the leader in honouring accredited education and exams as a path to GAFM board certification and professional designations certifying body for business school graduates in the world.

Reacting to this achievement, Dr. Jallow in his words stated that; “It is an honour to add such a well-meaning feat in my academic and knowledge bank. It took me a lot of hard work, dedication, and sleepless nights of studying, research and writing with endless sacrifices on my social activities to get where I am today. I once read somewhere that “excellence is not measured by perception. Instead, it is an unyielding passion once engraved in our yearnings to achieve greater heights, which allows one to soar above all obstacles life may throw in one’s direction. Excellence is the daily embodiment of achieving greatness through the very portals of education”. Honestly, I felt that I have not accomplished anything yet in his life, as I am still craving for knowledge until I am finally inducted in the “Temple of Knowledge” and be part of the world’s distinguished Nobel Laureates. This is my wish and a goal I will continually strives to attain before my final departure from this world, by the grace of God. Though, I am grateful to Allah for the inestimable favours he has given me so far thus, but my journey for excellence continues as I am still optimistic, prepared and determined to reach that set benchmark. By and large, the award of my election and admittance to the GAFM is dedicated to my family, especially my Dad (Abdoulie K. M Jallow and late Mother Awa Seck of Blessed Memory (May her soul continue to rest in the highest chamber of Jannah- amen) for their parental support and guidance. Special thanks to Sainabou Cham for taking care of my marvel sons – the boys (Sulayman, Alieu and Khaltan Jallow) in my absence as they begin to understand the true test of life. Watching them grow into strong, driven, courageous and responsible young men with great foresights, vision and the urge for success in life has given me a sense and feeling of pride as a father. To my brothers and sisters- i.e. Jallow Kunda family, my colleagues at GRA, friends, relatives, the people of the City of Banjul, my original birthplace and to the people of Lower Niumi, especially Essau & Barra where I grew up after my teen years, I say thank you all for your demonstrated love, support, prayers and good wishes. Let me take you back to memory lane, I have been ridiculed, castigated, undermined, under-utilised, under-rated and thrown with all sorts of negative adjectives by people very closed to me, as their intentions was to deflect my purpose and goals in life.

My theory was simply based on focusing your focus on focus and you shall surely direct yourself to the desired destination of your life. I never responded to any negative forces as I was driven with the principle that hard work through the prepared mind and the willing heart to attain greatness pays. And my secret formula to this was actually based on; belief in yourself, read good books, attend to your health, dream big, work hard in silence and let success make the noise, set the right goals, show love and respect to all categories of people, stay humble, be sincere, be patient, persevere and be persistent, love yourself, prioritise and always stay truthful to your conscience’. Moving forward, I have been motivated, encouraged and supported by quite a good number of sincere and exceptional people in the persons of Mr. Yankuba Darboe, the Commissioner General of GRA and Madam Zainab Jawara –Alami former Deputy Director, Legal GRA now High Court Judge of the Gambia. These are the Northern Stars who served as transformational leaders and stood exceptional as they to a large extent contributed to my imminent success throughout my quest for academic excellence. I will ever remain grateful as I am highly indebted to their immense support and in which without their kind interventions life would have been different for me today. This is my story in short and plans are underway to finalise my memoir that would as a book to serve as a source of reference material to upcoming authors and scholars in the journey of life, which has ninety-nine percent of dire consequences of unending challenges. But,, equally avails one the rare opportunities to bear and at the same time unravel one’s determination to withstand the difficulties life present, and register an indelible mark of one’s staunch preparedness as a believer and doer of action, and not a defeatist."

Reacting to this great news, his father, Abdoulie K.M. Jallow, JP and Commissioner of Oaths had this to say; "I am short of words and feeling so happy to my son who made me and the entire family so proud. Assan has an exceptional personality and had proven himself to the whole world his indefatigable search for knowledge. This is what Assan is as a person and anyone who knows or interacted with Assan will tell you his desire for education, his humility, self-respect, caring and supportive nature towards humanity since he was a child. May Allah continue to guide, protect and bless him in his endeavours and put unending ‘barakah’ of his earned knowledge- amen! The Gambia and the world in general are yet to see his greatness and what Assan is capable and can on to the table of development."

Kebba A.K. Jallow, his third younger brother described Dr. Jallow as his mentor and a person he is so proud to associate with, not only as a senior brother, but equally as an inspiring friend and a teacher who taught him so many useful things in life.

"We celebrate and congratulate him for the recent achievement, and wish him the best of luck with many years of success in his career and personal life," he remarked.

Dr. Jallow holds a doctorate degree (PhD) in Economics with specialisation in Public Finance from the Universidad Santo Tomas (Saint Tomas University (USTOM), Nicaragua. He has supervised over 21 undergraduate and master’s dissertation in Nigeria, Benin, the UK, USA and Nicaragua. Equally, he has lectured courses on Advanced Macroeconomics, Public Finance, Principles of Economics, Comparative Economic Systems, World Economic History, History of Economic Thought, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management at Undergraduate and Graduate levels both in Benin and Nicaragua. He is a certified curriculum developer and a train the trainer specialist. Assan has a passion for learning which has exposed him to the world of education, thus widening his horizon and deepening his faculty of reasoning and intellect. He has distinguished himself with the pedestals of rich academic and professional experience as a technocrat and a young budding intellectual scholar both in academia and in public service.

Dr. Assan is a seasoned tax administrator with more than 16 years of an uninterrupted work experience in the area of tax management and administration in The Gambia. Prior to his doctoral studies, Dr. Jallow was the person responsible for Gambia Revenue Authority’s corporate compliance and risk management programmes as the Senior Compliance Strategist. His experience includes developing and managing compliance, risk management, enforcement and audit programmes, taxpayer education and training in the realm of revenue generation and tax administration. He helped pioneered so many programmes that helped boost revenue collection and tax administration. He has travelled extensively, presented seminal research papers in high profile universities and conference in Africa, Europe, Asia and the US. He has also benefited and attended series of management, tax and business management training programmes in many parts of the world, including Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra-Leone, Kenya, South Africa, India, the Philippines and the United States of America.

Dr. Assan has to his credit several book publications, articles and reviews on national and international journals. His celebrated articles are: Building a Sustainable Fiscal Policy for the Gambia, An Assessment on the Nature and Impact of Personal Income Tax Administration in The Gambia: A Case Study on the Gambia Revenue Authority (doctoral dissertation), Computerisation of Tax and Customs Administration in The Gambia, Introduction to Entrepreneurship Skills: Theory and Practice, A Historical Case Study on the Development and Evolution of Taxation in The Gambia, In Search of Sustainable Revenue Mobilisation for Developing Economies: Which Option for The Gambia?, Panama Papers: A Global Madness and What Options to Mitigate this Scourge in the Realm of Prudent Financial Accountability through Taxation, Developing Institutionalised Risk and Compliance Management Strategies in Modern Tax Administration: What Best Approaches and Techniques to Adopt? Demystifying the Ontology of Taxation Rulings in The Gambia: Issues and Challenges; The Rhythm of Taxation: Why Government Levy Taxes; Building Self-Regulatory Voluntary Compliance Culture in a Tax Administration, Incentivising Risk Management, Optimising Revenue Generation and Tax Administration, Building Robust Tax Fraud Detection and Prevention Mechanism, Designing a Sustainable Macro-economic and Fiscal Policies for Developing Countries, Paying Taxes: A Collective Citizenship and State Responsibilities, The Role of Taxation in Nation Building, The Effects of Tax Administration in a Virtually Non-Existent Tax Compliance Culture, Taxability of Incomes, Chemistry of Thoughts and Human Reasoning, etc.

Dr. Jallow’s membership of professional associations is multifarious and cuts across various disciplines. He is a Fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Management (FNIM), Fellow of the Institute of Business Management (FIBM) and a Fellow of the Global Academy of Finance and Management (GAFM). Assan is an accredited Master Financial Planner (MFP), a Certified Risk Analyst (CRA) and a Chartered Economist (ChE).

Dr. Assan also serves on the editorial board of the Independent Journal of Management and Production (IJM&P), Brazil as a Reviewer and a distinguished Member of the Board. He reviewed series of articles and amongst them is the: Game Theory and Public Goods: Application of the Reverse Induction Model of Zermelo (1913).

Dr. Jallow is a mentor, a motivational speaker and a coach to many of the country’s youths. He likes writing and is a seasoned writer, a blogger and a pro-democracy activist. In short, he is both a national asset and a knowledge-bank in his area of expertise (economics, public finance, taxation, compliance and risk management). He is an inspiration to many people (both the baby-boomers and the millennial), as his candid and objectively–crafted writings has drawn him many followership on social media both within and outside The Gambia. He is currently on a leave of absence and will returning home in January 2018.

Watch out for this gentleman, as he is humble, quite, but inspirational, versatile and in possession of an endearing knowledge, skills and expertise to turn ignorance into tangible results for the greater good, due to his visionary dynamism, flaring initiatives and entrepreneurial cognition abilities. He has just recently finished the manuscript of the following five books on Entrepreneurship Development, Principles of Economics, Taxation History of the Gambia, Fundamentals of Taxation and a fiction on his Memoire. He plans to get them published and launch before the end of second quarter of 2018.

Join us in celebrating Gambians making ripples in the world in the person of our very own brother and friend, Dr. Assan Jallow.

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