Is It A Warning To Humanity Or An Apocalyptic Vision? – Teague A Cognitive Scientist

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By Muhammed L Bojang

With the development and advancement of the universe of Science and Technology, Mr Teague a cognitive scientist who has over two decades of vast knowledge and expertise in Artificial Intelligence AI has provided the world with facts and warned humans about the possibility of machines been the masters dictating lives and minds in the future.

Digital Intermediate was put into hibernation in 2012 and it is about to make a big comeback probably as an international global corporation for cognitive machine science.

Was it a warning to humanity, or an apocalyptic vision? Teague asked, 

Marvin Minsky was “The Godfather of the HAL 9000”. Hal is one of the most extraordinary conceptions of all time conceived by Minsky whose astute mind grasped cognitive machine science fifty years ago, without Hal the movie would have certainly been a gigantic flop. 

Hal is a warning to future generations, that when machines become our masters, we may not serve any purpose from a machine, a warning we must consider very shortly. 

Minsky founded Cognitive machine science, but Mr Teague brought it to fruition it in 2009 and filed patents under Digital Intermediary.

Mr Teague on his LinkedIn wall, wrote “Augmented reality and cognitive machines remain the new future for education, learning, and global business. The power of the futuristic medium with cognitive machines will accelerate learning by over 1000% over a lifetime, new approaches are required as traditional institutional design approaches will belong in the stone age. This technology precedes a rapid increase in knowledge where new ideas and new mediums will change economies and economic growth; that is for nations ready to adapt to a revolution in learning, expanding shared knowledge that will create millions of jobs for those countries ready to adapt. They will become the growing nations of the world, at present Indonesia is the most tech-ready nation today for this social and world-changing technology”.

Teague, a cognitive scientist, further highlights the importance of technology in advance learning and development through the use of machines in improving the process of obtaining or acquiring knowledge.

Immersive technology is about to become the Gutenburg moment for civilization, where the scribes battle the disruptors, as cognitive ready access to knowledge expands. So what will immersive technologies do? 

That is the “Gutenberg Question”,  Gutenberg demonstrated this to the world, with 500 years of the most significant and rapid increases of knowledge, in every field of knowledge, in human history. 

Will Cognitive Machine Science improve learning? 

Cognitive machine science is the ubiquitous science of learning. It is a new paradigm, the engagement level in the new classroom might be 1000%  greater than a Webinar or a PowerPoint, meaning learning Engagement may be accelerated by 10x routinely, Mr Teague concludes.

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