Jammeh withdraws D4.55M from Central Bank four days after fleeing

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By Sam Phatey

Ex-President Yahya Jammeh has withdrawn $99,000 (D4.55 million dalasis) from the Vision 2016 Special Project Fund account at the Central Bank.

Jammeh made the withdrawals four days after fleeing to Equatorial Guinea on January 23, Karamo Jawara, Principal Banking Officer of the Central Bank said.

It is the third time that the Commission of Inquiry probing Jammeh’s financial transactions found that the ex-leader made withdrawals while in his safe haven.

The ex-leader continued to closed accounts and transferred millions out of the country at least a month into his forceful and unceremonious ouster.

At least $2.1 million (D86.4 million dalasis) was withdrawn from two accounts at the Guarantee Trust Bank and $142,000 (D5.7 million dalasis, CFA79.07 franc) has been transferred to an offshore account in February.

Jammeh had sparked political tension by refusing to cede power to President Adama Barrow and used the period to empty state accounts and the treasury.


Gambian authorities say he fled with at least $50 million and had ransacked the Central Bank vault the morning before he boarded an unmarked plane to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.

Most of Jammeh’s transaction was done in cash. Gambians are taken aback by the recent revelations showing the extent of Jammeh’s corrupt practices.

Jammeh committed fraud on a massive scale including siphoning off tens of millions of dollars in public money into various bank accounts not in his name but from which he withdrew cash.

Culled from SMBC Gambia news

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