Journalists narrate their unpleasant experiences at NRP congress in NBR

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong 

Journalists assigned to cover the congress of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) held on Friday in Ngayen Sanjal in the North Bank Region, have narrated the trouble that they went through, accusing the party’s Regional Chairman, Musa Joof of snubbing them, telling them that he had nothing to do with them.

Speaking to Mamos Media on conditions of anonymity, some of the journalists said they were abandoned by the party officials in a place that they knew nothing about.

“It was like a lockdown, living in harrowing circumstances in which we nearly spent the night on the cold concrete floor at Ngayen Sanjal Lower Basic School”, claimed the journalists.

The journalists said that the media advance team departed for the congress with the party’s Public Relations Officer Pateh Baldeh who spent the night in Pakalinding. They said Pateh gave them the Regional Chairman’s number to call for their accommodation upon arrival in Ngayen Sanjal but they claimed that when they called him, he told them; “I have nothing to do with you people”.

They further said that they arrived in Farafenni around 10pm and they were left stranded until around 12 midnight when Joof called them back telling them to call one Mr. Mbowe.

The journalists said they then decided to go to Ngayen Sanjal but upon their arrival they were told their accommodation is at Farafenni and they were asked to go back. They said the driver that was meant to transport them to Farafenni refused to go, saying that he was very hungry and sleepy.

The journalists added that the party’s Assistant Administrative Secretary, Dam Touray, later facilitated another vehicle to transport them back to Farafenni.

“We arrived in Farafenni at around 3:15amin a dozing mood”, one of them said.

The journalists said that they later contacted Hamat Bah, the party leader and secretary general regarding the incident and he expressed surprise with their treatment and later provided them with accommodation.

“I have booked 40 rooms for all journalists meant to cover our congress,” he told them.

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