“Killings of West African Migrants was Callous & Heinous,” says former CMC

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By Ousman A. Marong

Pa Amady Jallow, former Crimes Management Coordinator (CMC) at The Gambia Police Force (GPF) who attempted to investigate the killings of West African Migrants in The Gambia in July 2005 has told the Truth Reconciliation Reparation Commission (TRRC) that their killings by Gambian authorities was Callous and heinous. 

Jallow made these remarks on Monday during his testimony before the Truth Commission.

He said there cannot be reconciliation without justices, adding that those found wanting for these barbaric acts should be dealt with in accordance with the law. 

Born on the 23rd April, 1966 in Jarra Sankuya Village, Jallowwas enlisted into The Gambia Police Force in 1986. In 2005, he was re-designated as Crimes Management Coordinator. 

He added that as an investigator, he served as Chief Investigator in mass atrocities in Africa were more than 300, 000 people were killed.

He noted that this made him understand the value of truthfulness and not misleading the records. 

According to him, on 22nd July, 2005 while there was a Musical Jamboree at 22nd July Square late Daba Marena walked to President Jammeh and spoke to him and thereafter former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ousman Sonko also did the same.

He further explained that the following day he saw several missed calls from About Njie, former Deputy Inspector General of Police when he woke up. This he said made him wonder as to what happened. When he called back Abdou Njie, he was instructed to go to Kairaba Police Station to join the NIA to investigate the migrants.

At Kairaba Police Station, he said he found the migrants detained and when he spoke to their leader he told him there were from Senegal and were meant to board a vessel in The Gambia to Europe.

He said while he was about to obtain their statements he received a call from deputy IGP who ordered him to go to Brufut and investigate recovered death bodies. 

He also said that when he got to the scene the body of the first corpse he found was half naked, head broken and blood oozing from the head and ears.

Former CMC Jallow said with his experience the victim was assaulted with an object in a hurry 4 hours before he got to the scene.

He said 8 corpses were recovered at the scene with some suffering similar assaults while other had blood oozing fromtheir mouths and noses while some had their hands tied.

“I was traumatized, confused and terrified as head of crimes in the country”, he stated.

He described the incident as a massacre.

He further said that when IGP Sonko arrived at the scene he told him the killings were foul play, heinous and barbaric. 

He said he could not confirm if Sonko was traumatized or not because he talked less and later left the scene.

He told the Truth Commission that Landing 13 Badjie cautioned him to be careful with the case knowing the state was behind the killings. 

All deceased persons had foreign currencies with them (Euros, Dollars and CFA France), he also said. 

Jallow also told the commission that he was immediately transferred because the state was not happy with the truth he was about to bring to light.

The witness told the commission that he was advised by close friends to watch his back because jungular Nfansu Nyabally was assigned to kill him. 

He described the killing of the migrants as unnecessary hence there was a correspondence informing The Gambia Government about a ship meant to take the migrants to Europe.

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