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KMC concludes sensitisation seminar on the New Environmental By-Laws

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By Sheriff Saidykhan.

The Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) in partnership with Community Service Development of Latrikunda has over the weekend concluded a-12-day sensitisation seminar for the metropolitan areas within the jurisdiction of Kanifing Muncipality, on the newly drafted by-laws for environmental protection. The seminar was held at Latrikunda Kaw Junction in the Kanifing Municipality.

The interactive session brought together people from different walks of life, womenfolk and relevant stakeholders to device strategies for environmental sanitation.

The new by-laws seek to address hazardous substances in the public, toxic products, disposals of waste products, public nuissance, public music, control of stray animals, market regulation, among others, with the exception of religious activities.

The by-laws came into effect since 9th June 2020 with the backing of the National Assembly in accordance with the Local Government Act. Anyone who defaults or infringes the by-laws will pay a fine of D1000 or risk going to jail for two or three months, depending on the nature of offence according to law.

The Councilor of Latrikunda Ward, Ansumana Bayo, said public sanitation is vital for the development of the country, urging commuters to strictly comply with the by-laws for societal upkeep.
For his part, the Program Manager for Community Services at KMC, Bakary B. Darboe, said the new by-laws will address the perennial problems facing the Municipality.

“These by-laws came to address some of the issues affecting the community. These includes, public nuissance and also using public places to organise ceremonies without authorisation. It also includes sale and transfer of properties, relating to buying and selling of lands and compounds because the Municipal Council is responsible for rates and taxes, and therefore every land should be registered into our legislature,” he remarked.

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