KMC driver allegedly assaulted by ECOMIG Soldiers

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) military intervention force in the Gambia (ECOMIG) on Saturday morning allegedly assaulted a Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) truck waste collector driver Ebrima Bah.

The alleged incident occurred at the Westfield main junction when a convoy of ECOMIG forces were passing when Bah was allegedly assaulted (beaten), claiming that he was late to leave the way for them to pass.

“It was raining, so I had to raise the glasses up which prevented me from noticing that (the ECOMIG soldiers), vehicle was behind me from the mirror but immediately I saw them, I left the way in the presence of the traffic police at Westfield but all of a sudden, they just came down from their pickup and started beating me with the claim that I was late to leave the way for them,” explained the victim Ebrima Bah.

According to Pa Omar Tunkara, who witnessed the incident: “I was going to work and there was this convoy going towards Brikama while the KMC driver was also moving then two ECOMIG soldiers jumped from their pickup, pulled the KMC driver completely from the vehicle and started beating him mercilessly without control,” he explained.

Another eyewitness, Sally Jeng described the act as very abusive and unlawful. “What those two ECOMIG soldiers did to the KMC driver was very wicked because the driver did nothing wrong to be this seriously beaten and wounded. Everyone present during the incident knows very well that the soldiers under no circumstances should have touched the driver because they were not in a presidential convoy neither in an emergency trip,” she stressed.

The incident caused tension and anger with almost all KMC truck waste collection drivers angrily and collectively parking their vehicles on the highway but KMC’s leadership and management quickly intervened and calmed the situation to ensure the matter do not turn into violence.


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