KMC urges taxpayers to settle 2021 arrears

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine 

The Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC), in a statement has urged taxpayers, ranging from canteen and kiosk leaseholders, persons holding businesses with outstanding trade licence invoices, as well as property owners to pay their taxes in order to avoid risking fines and court summons.

The statement reads: “We  thank the huge majority of our taxpayers for paying their fair share in time. We all need to pay our taxes for the development of Kanifing Municipality, for better facilities and services.”

However, not everyone is paying and it is only fair that everyone pays, so that there is equitable access to amenities and proper service delivery.

“Canteen and Kiosk leaseholders are kindly urged to pay by end of year or they risk a fine being added to their balance and being taken to court for default and could lose their lease.

“Businesses with outstanding Trade Licence Invoices are urged to pay by year end, in doing so they avoid receiving summons to go to court and penalties being added to the sum owed.

“Property Owners are urged to pay their rates and outstanding arrears or risk being served summons to court and a fine being added to their arrears,” the statement said.

“Please note that if you are absent, your property whether it is rented out or left vacant, you have to inform KMC and ensure that rates are paid. You can lose your property if you do not keep up with payments to Council, whether or not you appear in court,” the statement concluded.


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