Kombo East District holds stakeholders forum

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By Muhammed L. Bojang

The District of Kombo East on Sunday staged a stakeholder’s forum for the first time in the history of the district to promote sustainable development within the district. The forum was held at Kafuta village.

The theme for the forum was ‘promoting inclusion of all stakeholders for sustainable development of the district’.

Lamin Bojang, Alkalo’s representative said it is important to share views and opinions moving forward.

Abdoulie Njie, District Youth Chairperson highlighted the significance of the event describing it as a very important day in the history of the district.

Mr Njie said the objectives of the convergent was to gather relevant stakeholders within the district to “enhance the development of Kombo East District, create a platform to discuss issues of the development priorities within the district as well as create opportunities for stakeholders to interact, share ideas and also help in closing the existing gap between young people and relevant stakeholders to foster cordial relationship with the district.

He urged participants to cherish the initiative and also take ownership of it.

He also called on stakeholders to take up responsibility to achieve the target goals.

Mr Njie further thanked donors and partners for their contributions and efforts towards the success of the event.

Bala Musa Darboe, Ward Councillor for Kafuta Ward commended young people for the initiatives. He described young people as the backbone of every society and nation.

He pointed out that lack of youth participation is becoming a thing of the past in most communities in rural areas.

Mr Darboe went on to say that rural-urban migration due to lack of opportunities is hindering the realization of their potentials in rural communities.

“One of the greatest challenges we face in rural communities is the lack of opportunities”, he stated, saying this is as a result of lack of political will from our leaders.

He further said that every young person has a dream to succeed in life and contribute to the development of their society and nation.

Lamin FM Conta, National Assembly Member for Kombo East District said there cannot be meaningful development without peace.

He urged young people to capitalize on available opportunities. He also urged young people to focus on agriculture, saying it is the backbone of the country.

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