Kombo Yiriwa Kafo holds free health fair in Mandinary

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By Cherno Omar Bobb

Kombo Yiriwa Kafo Youth Wing in partnership with Your Change for a Change with financial support from Kombo Yiriwa Kafo on Saturday held a free health fair for the Mandinary community.

The day-long screen targeted over 200 patients.

The two groups go to communities where they screen and identify some problems that people are living with and help them in finding a solution.

Kombo Yiriwa Kafo aims at providing free health care services to people of Kombo and its residents by going to their communities.

Malang K.K. Bojang, Secretary General Kombo Yiriwa Kafo Youth Wing explained that they started the initiate two years ago with Kafuta, Manduar, Gunjur and Mandinary.

He added that at Mandinary two years ago they found a lot of health complications with regards to asthma and as such the community requested their intervention again.

Mr. Bojang stated that they are also into supporting education, agriculture, environment, tree planting, and sensitisation.

He also said that they intend to extend the health fair to Basory and Tujereng before the end of the month.

Dr Mdou Bella Jallow, Country Director for Your Change for a Change said the initiative is because they realize that most people only present at the main hospital after having complications of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr Bah, a medical officer at Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital who  also works at the Internal Medicine Department added that once in a while they pick people with high blood pressure and diabetes and by picking and putting them in the system it saves people from those complications.

He urged people to take their health as their personal assignment and not only wait until when they feel pain to visit a hospital.

Muna Sillameh, a nursing student and a member of Young Change for a Change said people in some communities are living with certain sicknesses and probably do not have the means to go to hospitals or do not know their health status, noting that to prevent such people from coming to the hospital with very critical conditions they decided to organise the health fair to give them the basics of health.

WHO dedicated this month to breast cancer and she also used the opportunity to talk to women about the causes and prevention of breast cancer. She said breast cancer is one of the leading cancers killing women in the world, noting that breast cancer is serious and is in the community.


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