Lawyer Assan Martin throws weight behind GDC

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Lawyer Assan Martin and the entire executive of Team Assan have officially joined The Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), and endorsed Mama Kandeh for the December 4th presidential elections,

declared Lawyer Assan Martin on Saturday at a press conference held at YMCA in Kanifing.

He told journalists that after a proper review and evaluation, they came to the conclusion that the only party that can salvage the country from it’s current predicament is the GDC.Therefore joining such a party is a patriotic move, he added.

“I hereby announce that I and Team Assan have committed to support Mamma Kandeh’s agenda and manifesto to bring a mature and smart leadership to the Gambian people. We would also engage and support his efforts to reach out to other political parties and stakeholders such as independent candidates to work in partnership for a national unity government,” he continued.

“After a thorough assessment of the GDC’s and other parties agenda, we came to realize that only the GDC can remedy what this country’s needs. The GDC will provide jobs for the youth, tackle the energy problem, pollution as well as the traffic problems in the country but most importantly it is the GDC that assured us that they will fight to make sure that the sovereignty of this land is restored,” lawyer Martin said.

He added that another important thing that the GDC discussed with them was the security issue, to make sure that they make the country’s security fit for purpose and give confidence back to the entire Gambian security and also assure that the constitutional reform process will continue and in the next GDC government or another government involving the GDC will promote amendments to better the constitution of The Gambia.

“I believe that Kandeh as a working partner with other political parties/ independents will help us to save our sovereignty and give us a leader who can unify us beyond the current polarization we are experiencing with the Barrow administration,” Lawyer Martin further said.

“In today’s Gambia, we are witnessing a government that lacks vision and direction as to how to move this country to the next level. It is for these reasons that we as concerned Gambians decided to engage political parties to rise beyond their party interest to help consolidate their efforts to usher in a new change and bring back sanity and restore our sovereignty,” he added.

He said the country’s opposition parties should work together to unseat the current government “that has failed on its mandate to deliver on the reforms and to rebuild the failing institutions to deal with the 21st century challenges”.

Assan Martin, who chaired proposed Coalition talks between APRC and GDC revealed that the two parties are still open to talks to seal a deal depending on the meeting of their leadership and consultation with stakeholders as parties can re-engage at any time soon specifically in two weeks to come.

He further disclosed that during their subsequent meeting that took place on the 4th July 2021, some political parties raised the issue that they may need time to consult their party bases to decide the kind of alliance proposed.


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