Letter to the Editor: Rejoinder on Musa Susso’s Appointment

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I write my personal rejoinder on the above subject to set the records straight and to express my disappointment with The Standard newspaper for the manner in which they handled my complain about the publication of my Facebook post.
Two weeks ago, I wrote a Facebook post on the appointment of Musa Susso as presidential youth adviser and other related matters.  This was just a mere Facebook post.  It was never meant for publication in any media outlet.  But to my dismay,  The Standard newspaper published this on its ‘Letters to Editors’ column in its edition of 1.02.2018.
Publishing a mere Facebook post as a letter to editor is a professional misconduct, and it was also done without my notice.  The editor of the newspaper did not even deem it necessary to seek my consence before the publication and worst of all, they never referenced it from Facebook. This is a textbook sample of plagiarism.
Ok, I understood that might have been an oversight because to err is human.  In cognizant of that I contacted the editor to express my disappointment to him.  And he agreed that they were going to make a rejoinder in the following Monday edition (5 Feb 2018) as the Friday (2 Feb) paper was already sent for printing.  I was shocked when I woke up on Friday and saw a message that The Standard instead of publishing apologizing to me, they apologized to the person whose name was mentioned in my piece and portrayed  me as the devil.   
The Standard editors fell short of telling their esteemed readers that the so-called letter to the editor was just a mere Facebook post not intended for publication in any serious mainstream newspaper.  They also fell short of telling their readers in the so-called apology that they never sought my consence before publishing my Facebook post and they also never referenced it.
I did not regret writing the post and I take full responsibility of what I said on Musa Suso’s appointment.  I wrote my opinion based on how I saw the situation as it unfolded, whether the readers of my post like it or not it is left to them.
After going through stress and threats since the publication of this piece, I felt that  my life is at risk as it was never protected in The Gambia nor would it be at this present time.  However I did not even feel save in Germany moreover going back to The Gambia.
As I conclude, I only hope the editors of The Standard would be professional enough to publish my rejoinder in line with the ethics of this noble profession called journalism.  

Nyima Jadama

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