Liberia – Breaking! Violence Erupts in Ganta

Mamos Media
(L-r) Smoke from ware house set ablaze left, and scene of the burned building right in Ganta City, Nimba as a result of the violence.

Reports have it that people in Ganta, Nimba County, woke up in a wave of violence Tuesday morning, with a warehouse near the Dunbar Field allegedly set ablaze by unknown discounted individuals.

Activities in the city are said to be at the standstill with men roaming the streets while women and children are kept far from the main street that is the scene of the violence.  All business activities have remain dormant since the break of dawn.

The violence follows an eviction exercise that took place yesterday, April 19, on the orders of the Supreme Court and implemented by the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court by extension, after the high court had ruled in a long-standing land dispute in favor of the Paye Suah family and against the Jabateh and Donzoe families.

Following the eviction yesterday, a social media poster, Mike Jabateh, wrote on his page describing Chief Justice Francis Korkpor as anti-Mandingo taking Mandingo people’s land and giving it to the Suah families who are Mano. Jabateh then threatened that the Chief Justice and those concerned in the land dispute should wait to see the reactions of the Mandingoes.

Land dispute is a long-standing issue that left between Gio-Mano on the one hand and the Mandingo ethnic group on the other hand after the Liberian civil war. The case in point had existed between the Suah family and the Mandingo group for about 10 years until on April 19 the long awaited eviction order released since 2019 came into effect thus renewing another bloody violence.


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