Liberia: “Burning Police Station Is Burning the State”

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Flashback: Angry motorcyclists and others, in the wake of the death of their colleague, in March 2020, surrounded the police station in Ganta early Monday morning and started throwing stones.

President Weah warns

President George Manneh Weah has signaled a warning to Liberians that those in the habit of attacking police stations and burning them are equally burning the state and that people caught in this act will bear the full weight of the law without his sympathy.

In a meeting with the people of Bong County on February 14 on his first nationwide tour in three years of his administration, President Weah emphatically expressed that, “I am a nonviolent man; I don’t support any act of violence.  I worked for UNICEF as a Peace Ambassador as you all know, and I will not support any act associated with violence.”

The President in an austere mood while sounding the warning recalled that his son, George Manneh Weah, Jr., should serve as a clear example to Liberians that no one is above any law, warning parents to counsel their children against taking laws into their hands, as the law discriminates no one.  French Police recently arrested George Manneh Weah, Jr. for breaking COVID-19 rules governing the conduct of people in that European country.

“We have the law here for everybody.  The police you attack are the same people we depend on for protection.  If you are not satisfied with a situation, we have the law, but the motorcyclists, the Kehkeh riders and others will always take the laws into their hands and go ahead sometimes to burn the police station. Remember, when you are burning the police stations, you are burning the state,” the President warned with a stern voice.

President Weah who had been and still admired by many young Liberians who believe in his football career and ambassadorial role with UNICEF, stressed that his star has nothing to do with violence and there is no record about him anywhere in the world for being violent.

He said whoever violates the law and attacks a police station that represents the state, they should also expect the reciprocal of what they do, and he will not compromise the law for anyone’s interest.

The President’s warning against violence comes following many instances of violence that had left police stations burned around the country since Liberia’s transition from war.  The recent violence that left a police station burned with other buildings was in Weala, Margibi County.  The motorcyclists’ anger came when they suspected without proving that Dalla Briggs, a resident of the town, was connected to the murder of their colleague. They also burned Briggs’ home and the magisterial court in the town.

Motorcyclists have been recorded for alignment with violent incidents occurring in the country.  They and the police on the one hand, and the taxi drivers on the other hand had clashed on many occasions.  When an accident involves a motorcyclist and a driver, the cyclists usually, come together to set ablaze the vehicle involved.  Late last year, aggrieved motorcyclists set ablaze a commercial bus popular referred to as “Killer Bee” at the Barnersville junction following an accident involving the bus and a cyclist.  

Credit to Daily Observer.

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