Liberia: Gbarnga Journalist Killed for “Stealing Goat”

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By Tina S. Mehnpaine

Henry Tucker confessed that he shot the man who happened to be a journalist for attempting to steal a goat from his property

Murder suspect confesses

Henry Turker, a resident of Bong County, has admitted killing the late Chris Brown with his ‘single barrel gun’ on grounds that the deceased was caught stealing his goat early Thursday, October 29, 2020.

In his confession, Turker said he has observed that strange men usually go to his goat fence at night to steal. “I had 14 goats, but they stole all because I do not have security to look after my cattle during the night.”

Turker, in a live video, said while sleeping, he woke up at about 1:35 a.m. after noticing that light was flashing in his room. “I was wondering who was flashing light in my room at this time. So I decided to come out to see if it was in my fence.”

Knowing that thieves usually come at night to steal his goats, Tucker deduced that it was a criminal flashing light to carry out the same act.

It can be recalled that the Journalist was found dead with a bullet wound on his body, indicating that he was shot.

Henry said when he drew close to the fence, he asked who was in the fence, and the person answered that he was Moses.

According to the alleged perpetrator, he has a son whose name is Moses, something that compelled him to inquire further what he (Moses) was doing in the goat fence during this time of the night. After the question, Tucker said journalist Chris who had the goat dropped it hastily and jumped on the motorbike.

While trying to stop them, Tucker said one of the men who had a cutlass threatened to kill him if he stops them from leaving the farm.

With this threat and being one person facing two men, Tucker said it was when he discharged his firearm and shot journalist Chris.

The late Chris David Brown of Radio Paraclete

Chris did not die on the farm but along the Gbarnga-Lofa road.

John Felles Flomo, Crime Services Division Commander in Bong County, said Prince Garzeawolo, a notorious criminal, was arrested behind the Gbarnga central market admitting that he “and the late Chris went to steal goat on Mr. Tucker’s farm and while escaping, they were shot but the bullet hit Chris.”

Commander Flomo said after Prince’s Confession, they immediately rushed to Tucker’s house to arrest him.

“During an interview with Tucker, he voluntarily admitted committing the act,” said the CSD Commander, who disclosed that Henry has been charged with murder.

He further said that Prince, the notorious criminal, had been declared ‘wanted’ by police and, since he has been apprehended, he will be jailed.

Prior to his death, Chris worked for Radio Paraclete, a Catholic-run radio station in Gbarnga.

Chris is said to have been a motorcyclist who was involved in motorcycle transport while off duty in the day.

Chris Brown’s body was discovered Friday afternoon in Gbarnga by relatives and friends who went in search of him.

Chris’ death created fear and anger in journalists across Liberia and those in Gbarnga halted operations in a protest to compel the police to investigate and establish the cause of death and bring the perpetrator to justice.

With the circumstances surrounding the incident, journalists in Gbarnga who spoke with the Daily Observer yesterday said they were embarrassed to comment on the matter now.

Theft is one grave shortfall to be named on journalists in addition to other unethical issues such as receiving gratuity to compromise the profession. Many times Liberian journalists are accused by newsmakers of harassment for gratuity (popularly referred to as Kato). It may be recalled that during the Press Union of Liberia’s Congress last year, Grand Kru County Representative J. Fonati Koffa openly stated that many Liberian journalists intentionally blackmail people who do not give them a gratuity.

This conduct of many journalists have resulted in low public trust and confidence in the media in Liberia, and with the unfolding event about a journalist connected to stealing a goat, for which he was killed, there is no doubt that this may be a wake-up call for Liberian journalists to get their scruples together.

Source Daily Observer.

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