Liberian Lawmaker Arrested For Alleged Rape

Mamos Media

By Julius Konton, Mamos TV Liberia

Grand Gedeh County representative Morais Waylee has spent his first night in jail, a situation political pundits say is unprecedented. A sitting lawmaker to be arrested and subsequently placed in jail is something many never imagine to have happened.

The lawmaker was allegedly accused of raping of a-13-year old girl which has created public outcry, thus leading to civil society groups advocating for his prosecution. Abraham Keita, 2015 International Child Right Peace Prize winner and his group have mounted countless pressure on government to prosecute the lawmaker which subsequently led to government taking action against the representative.

Since the incident occurred, the lawmaker has repeatedly denied ever knowing the 13-year old girl, claiming it is politically motivated by his political enemies in the County in which he represents as a lawmaker.

He has been officially charged with criminal conspiracy, interfering, and tampering with evidence in the matter relating to the case.

Police say they are making use of the 24 hours’ law requirements as enshrined in the Constitution of the country, and will further send the lawmaker to court.

His arrest and subsequent detention follows mounting pressures from several civil society organizations demanding the government to immediately prosecute the lawmaker.

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