Lizzie Eunson: How a Banjul Mayoral Aspirant is Changing Lives?

Mamos Media

by Assan Sallah

Politics and politicians have promised and never delivered. This is certainly the reason why Lizzie Eunson, a renowned banker is joining the race for the Banjul Mayoral seat in the upcoming Local Government Elections slated for April 2018.
The Banjul Mayoral aspirant is not out to joke. She means real business and development in the interest of the country. She is representing Banjul and she is the new darling and voice of Banjulians.

Her slogans: 'Together we can make Banjul a capital city by definition and recognition', and 'For the strength of a country is in its capital city', are definitely convincing and show her great ambition for a rapid growth and development in all aspects of life for the country's capital city.

She was an international banker for 35 years and has worked extensively with local and international banks around the world. She knows where the money is, she has the contacts, the connection and the network.
Her ultimate goal would be to connect with banks like the Women's World Banking in New York and other international trade financing outfits around the world to create opportunities for women in Banjul.
Mayoral aspirant Lizzie Eunson is collaborating with a credit financing company (name withheld) in The Gambia to help women with five-year soft loan programmes to empower them and the country's economy, which will especially be beneficial to Banjul.  She is certainly not giving fish to the women but teaching them how to catch fish.
This soft loan is being disbursed every 6 months among women groups. This is exactly what the country needs. Putting the right people in the right places is very important for any ambitious vision to materialize.

Mrs. Lizzie Eunson has worked with at least eight women groups in Banjul and has helped each of them to acquire loans. This is really empowering women and petty traders in our capital. It is an effective way to boost the economy and commerce in Banjul.
Her next step will be to coordinate with the groups of Kombo and merge their products with her groups in Banjul. By merging these women groups with the producers directly, she is helping to maximize profit for them.

One of the successes of this empowerment scheme is that beneficiaries have the ability to now buy vegetables and other products at wholesale prices, and are selling them back in the Banjul market at an affordable rate. Beneficiaries reported significant increases, some have more than doubled their profits.

Kaddy is one of the beneficiaries and is a businesswoman at the Banjul market. She said Lizzie has shown them a fast and more reliable way of self-empowerment. She expressed delight at the gesture and commended Lizzie for the great initiative for Banjul and Gambians in general.

Additionally,  Mayoral aspirant Lizzie Eunson has been supporting another three groups comprising of men in Banjul. One of the groups is numbering up to 100 members. Members of these groups are professionals in various skills such as tailoring, carpentry, welding, whilst some are businessmen. They will be trained to gain more skills and receive soft loan credits.
Lizzie Eunson will now use her Monitoring and Evaluation skills as a professional banker, to make sure there is no default rate and to take this empowerment scheme to another level.

Indeed, she is the right candidate for Banjul and if any political party picks her as a candidate, the party will deliver promises as expected. 
Putting the right people in the right places is paramount in any national development agenda, especially for a developing country's capital city. Banjul, Lizzie Eunson is the right person for Mayor. Banjulians here is the right choice for you.

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