LK Sabiji Tailors Association graduates 19 tailors

Mamos Media

By Ousman A. Marong

Latrikunda Sabiji Tailors Association (LSTA) on Saturday 20 February 2021 graduated 19 young tailors following the completion of their apprenticeship.

The association established in 2016 aims to train young men and women acquire skills in order to desist from taking up the ‘back-way’ and drug abuse.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony held at the LatrikundaSabiji Central market Ansumana Bayo, a representative of the Lord Mayor of Kanifing Municipal Council described tailoring as a self-employment profession.

He stated that it is his believe that people embark on the ‘back-way journey due to lack of self-believe.

He urged graduates to take the profession with utmost pride.

Dawda Kebbeh, Public Relations Officer for the association said they previously conducted cleaning exercises and sensitizations on drug abuse eradication.

Bai Mboob, a senior tailor of the association said the nation’s development national is in the hands of youth.

“We did not only train these people but made sure we inculcated discipline in them in order for them to become good sons and daughters of this great nation,” he remarked.

He advised them to be committed to their work and desist from anything that will adulterate the image of the profession.

“Tailoring is key in one’s live. We all looking fashionable thanks to tailors;” he said.

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