Major Camara Diagnosis 2006 Foiled Coup

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By Sheriff Saidykhan

Major Wassa Camara of The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), has told the Truth Reconcialition, and Reparations Commission (TRRC) that the cardinal objective of the 2006 abortive coup was aimed at unseating the undemocratic government of former President Yahya Jammeh.

He has made these revelations at the TRRC public hearings at Dunes Hotel in Kololi.

“I was told by Ndure Cham that he was planning to overthrow the Jammeh government, sighting the reasons on poor governance, rampant corruptions, negligence of rule of law and tribal sentiments” Major Camara told Commissioners.

Major Camara, said the late Ndure Cham, confides to him that the formation of their coup garnered support from top institutions in the country, plus the international community.

“He claims that he has the backing of the Military, majority of the Cabinet Ministers, National Assembly, Gambian diplomats in foreign countries and the international community” he said.

                     At the NIA

The former Captain under the deposed APRC government said Malick Jatta, Amadou Badjie and co all expresses displeasure about the coup, receiving severe military torture at the NIA during interrogations.

“Malick Jatta came to me and told me Captain Camara do you remember you were training us on Military tactics at Farafenni against our enemies in trying to defend our territory; now you’re our enemy here, then I responded ‘many came here before me and now it’s my turn today but nobody knows what will happen tomorrow’. Then came Alpha Bah and therein I saw Malick visibly angry and expresses resentments,” he asserted.

The former Military Police Commander said while at NIA, he saw Mustapha Sanneh who was his class, they trained together at the Gendarmarie, he called him Captain Camara then hit him.

“I said to him class you hit me? then he responded No we’re coming for you we’re going to kill you.”

“People will showcase their bravery to the President by recording videos of the tortures and treatment of detainees during those interrogation sessions; and beating is their routine in extracting information,” he told the Commission.

He said one Omar Kolley, has been unfriendly to them, depriving their lawyers and relatives entry, whilst at the Mile 2 Central Prison.

“Omar kolley has been a menace on us during our stay at Mile 2 he would utter distressing remarks like No mercy for the merciless and will brutally treat our relatives anytime they come to visit us by sending them away to the opposite side of the Prison and sometimes denied our lawyers entry to see us”

He told Commissioners that he exuded confidence come someday they’ll be free, urging Omar Kolley to treat them fairly.

“I used to advise Omar Kolley to behave humble and treat us humanely without brut and that with the look of things I believe we could leave Prison and come to work with that Government together again in the Army or another Government and he shall end up regretting his actions if he didn’t change and as we are it’s how they’re sufficing” he posited.

He adduced that the Junglers are bestowed with executive powers that supersedes them, acting under the directives of former President Yahya Jammeh.

“The Junglers are all virtually junior soldiers who are simply conferred with powers and authorities well beyond them that which is vested simply because of the direct link with the highest echelon of powers which is the President himself”

He said Mile 2 Prison was served as a tool, by former President Yahya Jammeh to clampdown on his adversaries, with the aid of his emissaries.

He further described the food at Mile 2 Prison as “horrible”, adding that their tricked was prolonged fasting of 2-3 months in order to keep surviving.

He added: “Yahya Jammeh uses the Prison as a tool to crack down on his rivals and those elements at Mile 2 would do anything to make sure his wishes or requisites are implemented to the later.

In Mile 2 we trick our living knowing that the food is so horrible, we fast for like 2 to 3 Months; we fast the day till in the evening when you’re hungry then you eat”.

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