Mamos Exclusive‘ Cheriff Taal Buried Sunday 28th June 2020.

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The late Sheriff Taal was buried on Sunday 28th June 2020 in Manchester in the presence of family and friends. The funeral was well attended. Despite the lockdown restrictions, Religious Leaders, Imams, The Gambian Counsellor and other Dignitaries were among mourners who turned up to pay their last respect and accompanied the hearse to the cemetery. The father of the late Cheriff Taal gave a moving speech seeking for his son’s killers to be brought to Justice.

At the family residence in Moss Side, Cheriff’s mother Suwaidu was consoled by family and friends. The hearse carrying the late Cheriff Taal’s to his final resting place, drove pass the family home as neighbours, friends and family stood in grief to pay their final respect. A family friend said “it was a difficult moment to witness and everyone cried their eyes out, this is very sad we couldn’t hold our tears”.

I visited after the burial to pay my respect to the Mum and family as a family friend. It was an emotional moment and I was very touched, the sight of a grieving mother brought tears to my eyes.
Sue as the mum is fondly called, I am Sorry for your loss. May he Rest in Perfect Peace. Ameen

Rohey Conateh Gaye
Mamos Media

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