MAMOS MEDIA: 21st century Media: Final Part

Mamos Media

The CEO has over 16 years of technical and administrative competence in Media, nine of which was running own satellite and online TV Channel. A true man of humility, who avoid the rasstamazz that is has been ignorantly been fanfared by some in media fraternity! You hardly know the man, who has so much knowledge in media operation, you only know this when you have a rare accidental chat with him. He knows his stuff!

I instantly remembered a media/app idea he told me three years ago, this was a concept that COVID – 19 has made some Institutions looking for exactly what he told me was trying to build! He lost a massive business in this; when I phoned him 4weeks ago to enquire about this particular media/app, as an Institution was looking for something very close to that idea. In an Entrepreneurial language, never leave an idea for tomorrow, when it comes to you today! It will be a regretted loss business tomorrow!

The foresighted man in all this is our Brother, fondly known as Kiang Mansa in 3DGam Platform, and 3DGlobal Deputy Chairman & Media General of 3D Family! A man of intelligence, downright humble, selfless, helpful, friendly and eagle-eye personality! This is CEO Lamin Marong of MAMOS TV: online & satellite

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