MAMOS MEDIA: 21st century Media Part 2

Mamos Media

The great concept of MAMOS MEDIA will give the big players in media, running for their investments! And for Gambia, certain mushroom Journalism, a death knell in their coffins in the long run; as people become more conscious of mixing true etiquette of journalism with some erroneous cult culture that has no base in high ethical standing of Journalism I had a glimpse of in June 1994 at a Journalism Training Workshop.

In order to capture this unique opportunity in the market, the brains behind the concept of “MAMOS MEDIA” thought the time has arrived as MAMOS has the talent, the knowhow and the technology available out there, to start this long dormant dream that has existed in different formats of Lamawood Kibaroo TV, MAMOS TV: Online & Satellite… This is to indicate that the foundation is laid strong long time ago. Some might be creating melting bubbles, but the silent and undetected man of MAMOS has an element of signature in them.

See Part 3 tomorrow, God willing

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