MAMOS MEDIA: 21st century Media Part 3

Mamos Media

Moreover, it is envisaged that this media concept idea has the potential to be replicated not only in Europe, but certain identified African countries where the new-found democracies are flourishing. The core objective of MAMOS MEDIA is to provide: 1. Quality innovative programmes to viewers at a high return value to potential investors; 2. Convenience at the click of a button from viewers 3. Excellent customer service, as a hallmark

MAMOS MEDIA is Headquartered in the hitech area of Oslo, Norway; and in The Gambia, this will be replicated in terms of location. This will help purvey the perfect brand image, that of an exciting and innovative multi-media firm at the forefront of the industry innovativeness. Using Gambia as a Regional Hub Office, and operational studios in the satellite countries.

See Part 4 tomorrow, God willing

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