MAMOS MEDIA: A 21st century Media: Part 1

Mamos Media

MAMOS MEDIA: A 21st century Media: Part 1

MAMOS MEDIA is a innovative media business concept. Idea of the business is as old as MAMOS TV: Online & Satellite, but it was a part player in Scandinavia, occasional presence in UK and three other African countries waiting for a time when the technology and the expertise at its disposal can make real headway in a fragmented media world.

When one look at current technological, political, social and economic environment not only in Europe, but specially in Africa, it is not that difficult to see the potential in such a business move considering the economies are coming out of near recession due to the negative impact of the credit crunch, and increasing media loving consciousness of citizenry in new found democracies.

See Part 2 tomorrow, God willing

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