Man Accuses NIA Of Forging His Land Documents

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Musa Cham, a victim of the defunct National Intelligence Agency (NIA) now Security Intelligence Services (SIS) has informed the Truth Commission that the SIS officials had forced him to sign fake documents to forfeit his land.

“I was forced by Dembo Mbye and Lalo Kanteh to sign fake land documents belonging to me. During my encounter with the NIA, Dembo Mbye had cancelled all my obtained land documents from the Physical Planning Department to replace them with his own fake signatures and instructed me to sign them after signing them he asked me to leave, saying the documents would be taken to the village head for proper documentation,” Musa Cham stated.

According to the witness, he had agreed to sign the fake documents because he was left with no other option.

“Lolo Kanteh threatened to shoot me to dead or knock me down with his vehicle anytime he saw me in the traffic ridding my motorbike. I decided to sign the fake documents from Dembo Mbye just to have my peace,” he told the Commission.

The witness also recalled his business partnership with one Basiru Jobe who has shown trust and confidence in doing business with him.

“Basiru told me that he has trust in me and wanted to do a business with me. He bought a new brand motorcycle for me and informed me that our business is going to be centered between the Gambia and Dubai and that we should bought a land where we should build a warehouse. We bought a land in Sukuta where we build the warehouse,” he asserted.

He further recalled Mr Jobe asking him about his encounter with the NIA who promised to assist him to sue the NIA officials to court and liased him with lawyer Ousainou Darboe.

“Darboe asked me to see him the following day which I did and he charged me fifty thousand dalasi (50, 000) which I made half payment and he started to defend me at court,” he remarked.

He later won the case because the two NIA operatives, Lalo Kanteh and Dembo Mbye were not attending the court proceedings.

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