More 120 travellers linked to Coronavirus isolated in Uganda

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Travellers undergo security checks and coronavirus screening upon arrival at Entebbe International Airport on February 6, 2020. PHOTO BY EVE MUGANGA  


More 120 travellers linked to the deadly Coronavirus have been isolated in different parts of the country. The move is a preventive measure against the spread of the virus that has ravaged China and other countries.
Mr Emmanuel Ainebyoona, the spokesperson at the Ministry of Health, said people were not quarantined because they showed any symptoms but were just asked to self-isolate for two weeks to avoid any incidents.

“We have what they call a thermal scanner and the moment one arrives into immigration [section] it scans your temperature and if it is raised, you are monitored accordingly and sometimes isolated within your place of residence,” he said yesterday.
Mr Ainebyoona added that the ministry has got a surveillance team which follows up each of the isolated people.
This, therefore, brings the total number of isolated travellers to 220 and the isolation takes two weeks after which if there are no symptoms, the isolated person is allowed to interact freely.

The first cohort of travellers isolated last week has so far finished ten days and none of them has shown symptoms of Coronavirus, according to the Ministry of Health.
The government last week imposed a 14-day quarantine on more than 100 people of Chinese and Ugandan origin who came into the country from China as a preventative measure against the deadly Coronavirus disease.

At Entebbe International Airport, the Ministry of Health and the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority have erected a checkpoint at the immigration desk to check passengers flying into the country for Coronavirus.
Daily Monitor could not independently verify whether similar measures at the Airport have been instituted at the VIP section.

Culled from Daily Monitor.

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