“My Younger Brother Was Shot By A Moving Convoy,”- Witness Tells TRRC

Mamos Media

By Ousman A Marong

Abdoulie P.O. Njie, a victim of former President Yahya Jammeh’s convoy has told the Truth, Commission that his younger brother was shot in the back by a moving Presidential convoy.

“I was in my vehicle along the Bertil Harding Highway when a moving convoy on high speed shot at my brother around the stadium,” said Abdoulie Njie.

According to him when he saw blood oozing from his younger brother’s back that was the time he realised his brother was shot.

“We found bullets lying on the ground which we took pictures. There was this paramilitary we offered a ride but the moment he saw blood oozing from the boy he ran away,” he said.

The business Propreitor said he was threatened not to talk to any media be it local or foreign journalists regarding the issue.

“My brother was shot by with 3 bullets in the hand, back and he suffered a lot. His hand was fractured but we didn’t know at the time until it was healed then we came to realize that his hand was fractured with a swollen back that later turned to green. My brother was fasting at the time of his shooting,” he remarked.

In his concluding remarks, the witness said he is a skills worker and has a vast knowledge to train others.       

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