NAM Jeng advice youth to be careful with drugs

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By Ousman A. Marong

National Assembly Member (NAM) for Lower NuimiConstituency, Matar Jeng on Thursday advised youth of Lower Nuimi particularly Essau to be careful with drugs. 

He made these remarks during the launch of Moonlight Association (MoLA) held in Essau.

MoLA is a community-based association formed by young men and women of Essau to alleviate poverty, strengthen economic opportunities, enhance health and safety as well as improve lives and livelihood of residents through self-funded initiatives and donor assistance. 

“My advice to you (youth) is that you be careful of drugs. Being a youth is a test and completing it is not easy”, he said. 

He stated that the negative health complications associated with drugs are enormous, saying drugs can destroy one’s life.  

He further advised youth to stop smoking cigarette, saying mostly they start with cigarette then move to smoking marijuana (weed) and other drugs.

He also advised parents to be vigilant as well as raise their children right for the betterment of our society and nation.

Jeng, a former teacher also advised the association to disqualify any of its members who uses drugs.

Hon. Jeng stated that drugs change an individual to an extentthat the person is unmanageable.

He further advised youth to do away with pride and arrogance.

“Any impediment that inject itself within the association is going to destroy”, he told them while advising them to be careful of such. 

Kebba Jallow, councilor Essau Ward commended members of the association for their foresight in setting up the association. 

He said they will never relent in strives to development Nuimi to the level it should be.

Kabiro Camara, vice president of the association said they distributed 50kg bags of rice, 50 drums of cooking oil and bags of onion to needy families during the first outbreak of COVID-19.

Theassociation’s motto is ‘Enhancing Unity Through Resilience and Community Support.’  

Ismaila Njie, representative of Chief of Lower Nuimi, hailed MoLA for their support to vulnerable households during the pandemic.

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