“NaNA and IEC Help NPP To Win The Niamina West By-Election” – Says MC Cham Jr

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

The National Youth President of the Gambia Democratic Congress GDC, Mr MC Cham Jr. has accused the National Nutrition Agency (NaNA) and Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for helping the National People’s Party (NPP) to win the recent Niamina West National Assembly by-election.

The IEC has recently conducted a by-election at Niamina West after the demise of Honourable Demba Sowe.

Speaking on the results of the by-election, MC Cham Jr. said he is not disappointed with the results as the people of Niamina West have decided to vote for NPP which he described as a learning curve for other political parties particularly the opposition parties.

“NPP only campaign with money just to buy people’s votes, an act which every Gambian should condemn,” MC Cham Jr stated.

“If you look at the by-election, is only a particular area and we have seen the government using all the machinery and resources with cabinet ministers and presidential advisers in Niamina West campaigning for 2 weeks. They were using our taxpayer’s money even the drivers were paid by the state campaigning for the NPP candidate and also giving out money to individuals and ‘yaye compings’, using and influencing the Alkalos and Seyfos with governors,” he remarked.

GDC National Youth President speaking to this reporter via a telephone interview alleged the National Nutrition Agency NaNA was helping the government to win the election as they should have been in Kudang instead of Niamina West but they came a day before the Election Day; distributing Covid-19 Aid and funds, telling people that the support is from President Barrow which he said is very wrong. He also blame the IEC for dragging the elections to 10 months which should be conducted after 90 days but was delayed only to give NPP a chance to win and allowed the NPP to campaign before the official announcement.

Meanwhile, the GDC youth leader also maintained that his party still has a strong support based in Niamina West even after the party candidate Mr Yerro Jallow lost to NPP’s Birom JS Sowe with a margin of 910 votes.

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