National Guards embark on intensive patrols amid rising crimes

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

According to a press release from the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF), the Gambia National Guards (GNG) last Friday launched “Operation Restore Sanity” amid a rise in murders and armed robberies in the Gambia.

According to the press release, the operation is aimed at restoring public order and public safety due to the sharp rise in criminality and criminal related activities in the country.

“It should be emphasized that the exercise is also meant to complement the good efforts of the sister security forces under the Ministry of Interior led by the Gambia Police Force,” added the press release.

Operation “RESTORE SANITY” would involve vigorous patrols during the day which would be intensified during the night,” further said the release.

The army urged the public, especially law abiding citizens and all those resident in the Gambia to go about their normal business activities.

However, they stated that it may be prudent to avoid lonely, remote and suspected crime infested areas at ungodly hours to reduce the risk of being targets of these criminals.

They encouraged the public to provide the National Guards with timely information about criminals and their locations to assist the security forces in their quest to curtail crime.

The Gambia National Guards also solicited the cooperation and understanding of the public in this worthwhile endeavor in the interest of all and sundry.


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