NAWEC apologizes over unstable electricity supply

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) has apologized to the General public over the unstable electricity supply within the Greater Banjul Area.

Pierre Sylva, Public Relations Officer of the company during a press conference held at its office yesterday said for the past few days people have encountered a lot of difficulties in accessing electricity and water services within the Greater Banjul Area, adding that as a service provider, it is an obligation for them to reach out to their customers and tell them some of the challenges they are encountering.

He added that NAWEC has some of its engines that are due for maintenance and are currently shut down.

“When we procure engines from international companies we do have a warrantee period and whenever it has some problems within that warrantee period the supplier assesses the damages and do the repairs,” he explained.

According to him, it is an obligation on NAWEC to go by the recommendations of the suppliers to shut down engines after they have operated for a certain number of hours for routine maintenance.

He disclosed that NAWEC is going through such at the moment as engines in Brikama and Kotu are due for maintenance and are shut down.

“Engine number 5 in Kotu has some problems and the suppliers said we need to assess the damages. We are trying to do that in order to know what the problems are. When we know the problems then we would talk to them and if there are parts to procure then they would start the procurement process and do the necessary fixings,” he further explained.

According to Sylva they have built a sub-station around Jabang forest to decongest Bijilo and Wellingara sub-stations. He also said that the loads at Bijilo and Wellingara are too much for the sub-stations which he said is why during the peak period when people need electricity most of the sub-stations cannot supply them. For this reason he said they have to load shed some areas to stabilize the system without which they would continue to trip-off.


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