Nemakunku, Ebo Town residents appeal for support from floods

Mamos Media

By Adama Tine

Residents of Nemakunku and Ebo Town who have continued to experience severe situations and a lot of suffering during the rainy season and they have called on the government to salvage them from their present predicaments.

According to the residents of the two settlements, they have been battling with floods, house damages and evacuations.

Speaking to Mamos Media on Tuesday afternoon, Sainabou Njie, a resident of Nema said: “it is very disheartening that every year we raise our voices for assistance but no improvement or solution to our problems ever been taken into consideration. The Government always hears our complaints but gives them a deaf ear.”

Sainabou Njie had been living in Nema for decades but said the community is suffering especially during the raining season. She said: “if government cannot provide us a place to live, then they should try to find a way out to assist us because we are citizens and we deserve equal rights.”

Mariama Barry, another resident of Nema said, her family had always been victims of floods and when it rains, they stay inside the compound for hours before stepping out because they found it hard to get to their destinations.

“We never have peace when it starts to rain, my house floods to its capacity and the bad odour comes from all the surroundings because people dump their trashes anywhere that pleases them.  We don’t even have a garbage truck to collect our trash,” she lamented.

Sirra Mbaye, a student of Gambia High School also shared her view saying, “schools have closed but we the grade twelve students still go to school because our exams are just at the corner but whenever it rains, I find it so hard to get to school. “Sometimes I wear two outfits and keep my uniform inside my bag.”

Ebou Mbaye, a residence of Ebo Town said it is so embarrassing that a small village like Ebo Town cannot still be rehabilitated by the government. He added that, every year dozens of households evacuate their families.

“Most people living in this community are vulnerable and cannot afford to pay rent yearly plus living cost. The Government should definitely step in and support us. We need proper hygienic environment both in our homes and market places,” she appealed to the authorities.


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