Lai Saine’s incitement of violence charge dropped

One of the two-count charges levelled against Abdoulie Saine, former ruling Alliance for Patriotic Re-orientation and Construction’s (APRC) National Assembly member for Banjul Central has been dropped at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court presided over by Magistrate T. Wilson on Monday.

The charge of incitement of violence was dropped against Mr. Saine as he appeared before the court on Monday. He will now be defending a single count charge of seditious intention.

The dropping of the incitement of violence charge against Mr. Saine was confirmed in a fiat obtained from the Attorney General Chambers.

Proceeding with the single charge, police prosecutors called an assistant commissioner Abdoulie Sanneh, at the Police Headquarters in Banjul as their first prosecution witness who said Mr. Saine’s case has to do with the audio he published.

He said in the audio, Mr. Saine was heard castigating the Sosseh tribe. He said to him, Sosseh tribe is the same as Mandinka. “The audio was published on WhatsApp in which I heard a voice saying Sossehs are not faithful and also they are not Gambian citizens and I downloaded it.”

He said when he listened to the audio, he called Mr. Saine and explained everything to him regarding the audio and he, Mr. Saine confirmed to him that he recorded the audio and he did not regret it. “Similar audio was composed by one Lang Sonko Jeng reacting to Mr. Saine’s audio,” he said.

According to him, through their investigation they could not still trace the whereabouts of Lang Sonko Jeng. He produced a flash drive in which he said he stored the audio of both Mr. Saine and Sonko Jeng.

He said when they got access to Mr. Sanine’s recorded audio, he (PW1) sat with his team and analysed the reactions in the audio and concluded that he has committed an offence which he should be charged and taken to court.

The case is now adjourned to October 31 for continuation.
Author: Fatou Dem
Source The Point Newspaper.