No foreigner will develop Uganda for you – Envoy

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Mr Reza Ghezelsofla applauds pupils dancing Kadodi, a Gishu cultural dance. On the left is former state minister for the elderly and disabled Mr Sulaiman Madada. Photo by Fred Muzaale 


Ugandans should work hard and develop their country because no foreigner is going to do it for them, a diplomat has advised.

Mr Mohammed Reza Ghezelsofla, the Cultural chancellor at the Iranian Embassy in Uganda noted that poor time management coupled with work inefficiency are to blame for the high poverty levels among many households in Uganda.

“Good time management is crucial for development and poverty reduction. Most people here waste a lot of time doing almost nothing. You should also aim at perfecting whatever you do. If you a famer, be a good farmer, if you a teacher be a good teacher,” Mr Ghezelsofla said.

Mr Ghezelsifla made the remarks on Saturday while addressing parents, teachers and pupils of BEMCO Primary School in Kayunga District during their speech day.

The diplomat’s remarks were prompted by parents’ failure to keep as a number of them showed up late.

Mr Ghezelsifla expressed dismay over the belief by most Ugandans that someone else should come and help them to come out of poverty. Notwithstanding, he said it is not bad to ask for aid but it should come in the midst of some efforts.

“Development starts from inside my brothers and sisters, development starts with you, don’t expect someone else from outside to come and develop your country for you,” Mr Ghezelsofla advised.

He, however, pledged to offer support to locals in the district to start income generating projects and the school in form of text books.

In his remarks, former state minister for Elderly and Disabled affairs, Sulaiman Madada, who is also the proprietor of the school, warned residents in the district against mixing politics with development issues, stating that such mindset has only led to slow development of the area.

“We should work with one another when time for politics is over we
should concentrate on development and poverty eradication,” Mr Madada

Culled from Daily Monitor.

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