“No One Will Enter The Health Centre Without A Mask,”- Says OIC Brikama General Health Centre

Mamos Media

By Muhammed L Bojang

The Officer in-charge of Brikama General Health Centre, Mr Lamin Sanyang, has warned the general population of Brikama and its surroundings to seriously observe the COVID-19 precautionary measures as the trend of the local infection is at high speed.

As the number of registered cases increase on daily scale, the Government of The Gambia has taken preventive measures to stop the spread of the virus in the country by making it mandatory to wear face mask in public.

“No one will be allow to enter the hospital if you are not putting on a mask,” said Lamin Sanyang, OIC Brikama General Health Centre.

Speaking to Mamos Media at his Office this morning, Sanyang called on the general public to put on the mask when visiting the Hospital.

“COVID-19 is real and we all have to endeavour to control the wild spread of the virus as no one is safe in the country. I’m urging the residents of Brikama and it’s surroundings to stay at home and respect the global safety guidelines and regulatory measures. Let us stay away from the hospital if we don’t have any sickness as it is not safe for anyone to be around the hospital when healthy,” he remarked.

Mr Sanyang also urged the general public to minimize public gatherings as the country heads towards “Tobaski” feast.

“Tobaski is coming but the aftermath of the feast will be very catastrophic if we don’t observe the guidelines,” he warned.

The OIC of Brikama Health Centre, advised the public to maintain the Physical 2 meter distance and avoid crowding during the festival. He also made a worrying cry on behalf of his staff and other front line workers:

“We are at war risking our lives and the lives of our families, so let the general public support us in this course by putting on face masks and also avoid public gatherings.”

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